What is Clarity on Cannabis

According to Statistics Canada, approximately 44% of youth will try cannabis. That’s almost 1 in every 2 young Canadians! Clarity on Cannabis is a virtual rural community that shows various real-life scenarios where youth can encounter/interact with cannabis. As youth in grades 10-12 go through the town’s scenes, they will watch videos, read information, and answer short questionnaires on cannabis’ uses, its potential harms/risks, and various tools they can use when navigating social pressures when it comes to cannabis.

This is a non-judgemental space that moves away from a “just say no” approach to one that raises awareness on cannabis’ potential risks and harms, as well as providing alternative coping tools and strategies for youth who choose to use cannabis.

There are many great organizations working on cannabis awareness/education for youth. We recommend downloading the Educator’s Guide to learn more of these amazing resources.

Mobile to Virtual

Originally, the exhibit was going to be mobile with posters, boxes and interactive stations for youth to walk through. However, with in-person not being an option in 2020, we decided to pursue a virtual exhibit! We’d already hosted a few focus groups with rural youth and received great information and insight about what they wanted to know, the kinds of visuals and colours, and took that information to guide the development of Clarity on Cannabis. One of the benefits of a virtual exhibit is it vastly extends our reach and while the exhibit was made with rural youth in mind, it can be experienced by anyone!

We do have the physical exhibit and if you’re interested in having it at your school, please fill out the booking form here.